Marketing Evolved are Spammers

I’ve received an email from a company called Marketing Evolved, who claim to be ‘Trading Standards Approved’, but that hasn’t stopped them illegally sending spam to my personal email address, trying to sell me a business contacts database.

The email says: “Our Business to Business data is telephone researched and cleansed by our growing network of UK call centres and telemarketing partners.”

I’d like to know who they phoned to check my email address. It certainly wasn’t me. The email address they’ve sent the spam to has never been a business email address, it’s been my personal address for around 15 years.

Their website says: “Business data you can trust”.

No, you can’t trust it.

Their database obviously contains my personal email address,  so it’s likely to contain other personal email addresses too. It’s illegal to send marketing emails to personal email addresses without permission, so if you use their database, you’ll be breaking the law.

Don’t buy anything from Marketing Evolved, they’re spammers.


DLG Spam – update

I posted yesterday about how I was receiving illegal unsolicited emails from Data Locator Group. This an update with some additional information.

After making yesterday’s post, I emailed a link to five people at DLG so they would be aware of what I’m writing about them.

In the couple of hours after I emailed them yesterday, the IP address appeared in my server logs. for this site.
A lookup of this IP address shows this:


The IP address is used by Data Locator Group. People using that IP address visited this site on several occasions, using more than one type of web browser, so I know at least two, probably more, people at DLG have received my emails and are aware of my complaint. But still they’ve not had the decency to contact me. Not even to tell me they’ve received my email and are looking into it.

Some of the DLG spam is from, which is a site DLG run to collect email addresses and personal details. I have not given any personal details, including my personal email address.

My first attempt to contact DLG was in October 2013, and looking at my email archives I can’t see any spam from them between November 2013 and March 2014. I don’t know if this means they stopped sending spam after I emailed them, and then started again, or if they continued sending spam but it was all deleted or caught by my spam filters. But I’ve certainly been receiving illegal spam from them since March 2014, and after several attempts to unsubscribe the spam keeps coming.

Since they appear to think the law doesn’t apply to them, the only way to combat them appears to be to use the law myself.

I’ll invoice DLG for the time, inconvenience, costs and stress caused by their spam. Failure to pay will result in a claim via the small claims court. That might cost them a few hundred pounds.

I’ll also send a complaint to the Information Commissioner’s Office (complaint form here – and if they take action DLG could be fined up to £500,000.


Some of the spam I’ve received from DLG (click to view full size):



Data Locator Group (DLG) – Spammers, ignoring unsubscribe requests

I get a lot of spam advertising various companies, with the following footer:

“This message has been sent to you as you are currently subscribed to DLG to receive relevant marketing communications considered to be of interest, based on your profile.”

I have never given DLG my email address, and I have made numerous attempts to unsubscribe from this mailing list. They have continued to send the spam.

Their website has a contact address of so I used that to contact them on 11th October 2013, asking them to remove my email address from their database, and information about how they obtained my address. They did not reply to this email. The spam continued.

I made more attempts to unsubscribe from their mailing list via their unsubscribe link.

The last time I tried their unsubscribe link was on 18th June 2014. This is the web page I was directed to:

But still the spam keeps coming – the last spam I received from them was on 23rd July.

On 18th July 2014 I sent them another email, and copied it to several email addresses I found on their website –,,,

But once more, I’ve had no response from them. And I’m still getting spam from them nine months after my first email to them.


Barkers Catering Equipment – spammers and liars

I’ve recently started getting a lot of spam from a company called Barkers Catering Equipment.

I’d never heard of them until they started spamming me.

At the bottom of each of their emails it says “You have received this email because you have previously provided us with your email address and shown an interest in Barkers Catering Equipment”

As I have not previously given them my email address, and I have not shown an interest in them, they are clearly liars as well as spammers.

Bamboomail – The Spam continues…

Last weekend Bamboomail replied to this post and after I contacted them again to have my address removed from their database, I received an email from Greg Jordan at Bamboomail which contained this:

I can confirm that your address has now been removed from our database as of 11.23am on the 30/06.2012.

At last, my problems with Bamboomail are over, I thought.

I was wrong.

On Wednesday 4th July 2012, I received the following spam from Bamboomail:


Our East Midlands Email Marketing File has just finished its latest update and now contains the direct contact details of over 40,000 Managing Directors, Company Directors, Business Owners and Senior Managers.


Kind Regards,

Kelly Vincent
Sales Department
Phone: 0843 289 5112

So I clearly hadn’t been removed from their database. Maybe they have different versions of the database and only one had been updated. If that’s the case, they should make sure removals apply to all copies of the database.

Two Greg Jordans

In the email I received from Greg Jordan on Saturday, he said they hadn’t received my previous communications because I’d sent them to their old domain (, which they no longer have access to, as the company has changed hands and they now use the domain

He’s right, I did send the emails to their old domain. As I mentioned in this post, I contacted them via their website in June last year, by email on July 20th and again by email on August 3rd. was the right domain to send emails to at the time. The domain wasn’t registered until September 2011 so I cuoldn’t have sent it to their current address.

So maybe Greg Jordan is saying the pre-takeover version of the company received the emails, but just didn’t do anything about them.

This is from the spam I received from Bamboomail on July 19th last year, which prompted the email I sent the following day:

Greg Jordan
Business Development Team
Phone: 0843 289 1847

I sent my emails to the address above,, and also sent a copy to, an address I found on their website.
So it’s obviously not Greg Jordan of who was at fault, but Greg Jordan who worked for the pre-takeover version of the company, It’s such a coincidence that two people with the same name work for two incarnations of the company. And neither of them seem able to stop the company sending spam.

They gave away their database

I have kept all the spam I’ve received from both and, and many of the emails I’ve received have links to samples of their database. I decided to download one to see what information is included. I clicked on a link to a csv file in an email from 22nd September last year, which was supposed to contain a sample of data for businesses in the East Midlands. The email was sent by Greg Jordan, using their new domain, but the file was hosted by, the previous owners of the company.

I was surprised to see that the so called “sample” file contained over 30,000 records. I’ve checked the sample files in more recent spam emails from them and they only contain a few records, so this was clearly a mistake and they’d linked to the full database. They were effectively giving it away for free. I checked, and my email address was in the database, listed as the contact address for someone who has a different name to me, and works for a company I’d never heard of until I started getting spam addressed to them.
I wonder how much extra spam I received because of this mistake?

Will Bamboomail ever stop spamming me?

It’s now approaching a year since I first contacted Bamboomail regarding the spam they’re sending me.

They keep sending spam to my personal email address offering to sell me lists of so called business contact addresses. The lists they sell include my personal email address that has never been associated with any business. A number of companies I’ve received spam from have told me they bought the address from Bamboomail. At least those companies have bothered to reply, unlike Bamboomail who have ignored my attempts to contact them.

Today Bamboomail sent me some spam offering to sell me “Sales Leads for the East Midlands”. I know my email address will be on that list (even though my address is a personal one and I’m nowhere near the East Midlands), so I wonder how many other addresses on this list shouldn’t be there.

If you’re tempted to buy a mailing list from Bamboomail, you should be aware that you can be fined thousands of pounds for illegally sending marketing emails. The fact that a company told you a list you bought from them was made up of legitimate business addresses is no defence. You’re responsible for your email marketing.

I always report spam to service providers, and will never buy anything from any company that sends me spam.

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Spam from Crombie

Most of the spam I receive from UK companies is clearly intended to be business to business, and they have bought my personal address from a company that has told them it’s a business address.
I usually contact these companies to explain that the spam they have sent me is illegal, and I ask them where they got my address from. Sometimes I get an apology and the information I asked for. I’ll only post about their spam on here if I get no response, or if I’m not happy with the response I get.

The spam I received yesterday was from a company called Crombie. They sell “luxury” clothes on their website and they also have several shops in the UK. It’s clearly not a business to business email. It’s just spam and they’re not even pretending that the email is legal. So I’ve not bothered contacting them before posting here.

Their email says “You have been sent this email as we believe you have an interest in the products and services we have to offer.”. Believing I may have an interest doesn’t make spamming legal. And what reason would they have to believe I have an interest?

So where did these spammers get my email address from, I wondered.

Then I saw at the bottom of the email: “This email was sent to ****@******.com, by BambooMail Email ListManager.”

So it looks like they got my address from Bamboomail – the company I’ve posted about several times for sending me illegal spam, selling my email address to other companies, and ignoring my requests to remove my details from their database.

Crombie are spammers. I don’t buy anything from spammers.

iInsure365 and Harringtons Lettings are spammers

After receiving several illegal spam emails to my personal email address from a company called iInsure365, I contacted them via email on March 2nd, using the contact address they provided in their email. I asked them to remove me from their database, and to tell me where they got my email address from.
I received no reply.

Since then I have received a further seven spam emails from this company, and from Harringtons Lettings, which is part of the same company.

iInsure365 are spammers and Harringtons Lettings are spammers.

Sustainable Construction iNet are Spammers

After receiving several spam emails to my personal email address from Sustainable Construction iNet, a company I had never heard of previously, I contacted them by email on January 13th 2012 to ask them to remove me from their database, and to ask where they got my address from.
I received no reply.

But since that date I have received another six illegal spam emails from them.

The company appears to also be known as Building Research Establishment and BRE Global. They are spammers.

Even more spam from Bamboomail

Since my last post about Bamboomail I’ve received another five spam emails from them, and a few other companies have told me they bought my address from these spammers.

I would guess that many other companies that have failed to reply to my complaints have also obtained my email address from Bamboomail.

It’s a long time since I last tried to contact Bamboomail about the constant spam I’ve been getting from them, but as they ignored my previous emails I think I would be wasting my time even trying. Maybe I should just go straight to the legal action route, then they’ll have to take notice.

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